Visibility, Shareable content, Crazy SEO and Audience Building

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The EMVY Brand Studio Is changing the Vineyard advertising landscape


  • EMVY is the only digital platform of its kind connecting brands to the Martha's Vineyard local and visitor market

  • EMVY engages in native advertising only with its in house Brand Studio

  • EMVY Magazine is more than a collaborative digital platform, it is a movement focusing on building brand audiences and relationships through content and global reach

  • We only work with brands that align with EMVY's overall values

EMVY offers various opportunities for visibility across all of our digital and social media platforms. We are selective about our partnerships because we believe that you are also a partner in our shared values of the magazine: diversity, inclusion and positive business practices. Through Partnerships with EMVY you will have a chance to communicate your message and brand to hundreds of thousands across the globe who have, or desire to have a connection to Martha's Vineyard.

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