Spotlight: Bluewave Body Company

Sponsored Partnership: Bluewave Body Company

When people hear the words “luxury” or “luxurious” it often equates to a dollar amount that may or may not be attainable. Bluewave Body Company takes a different approach with their bath, body and beauty lines. Luxurious for them means self-love, self indulgent and self-care. They do this through natural ingredients and delicious scents that feel and smell good on the body, while also executing exactly what that their labels say they are set out to do. Founder Gwyneth Wallace splits her time between the sands of Martha’s Vineyard and Hawaii. Each and every product detail from ingredient to product name, is inspired by the beach, salty air and sunny skies. Solving and preventing beauty problems while making women and men feel and look their best and sexy selves is exactly what Bluewave does.

Here are some summer surf favorites:

  • Summer Glow Oil: A mixture of coconut, macadamia and kukui nut oil with a sexy summer scent that gives your skin a hint of bronze mineral sparkle, without any messy glitter.

  • MV Sea Salt Hair Texturizer: The combination of coconut oil, aloe vera and panthenol(b-5) moisturizes and texturizes for gorgeous beachy hair. This product is also a local collaborative effort using MV Sea Salt. This is a MUST have in your beauty beach bag!

  • Cooling Spray: Aloe vera water and peppermint oil make this a refreshing mist for sun relief on the beach, by the pool, at the park or even at the soccer field. It’s probably a good idea to keep an extra bottle in your car’s console just in case.

    Go check out everything that Bluewave Body has to offer! And while you’re there, sign up for their VIP program (only $25 a year) and go get yourself some crazy perks and free shipping. It’s a NO bath, body and beauty BRAINER!