The Bella Balance: Bella's Journey

The Bella Balance: Bella’s Journey
By Bella Morais

What is it about your twenties that makes people think its a good idea to tell you what to do? But… also tell you to be your own person? You’ve been out of high school or college for a long enough time to know that you don’t really want to follow other people’s rules, but also know that you still need a ton of guidance on decision making. Like, I can plan an event in under a week ,but I still rely on my mom to call my insurance company for me.

Recently, I took a break from going to school because I was tired of not knowing what I actually wanted to do, but still paying 36k a semester to take figure it out, and quickly. I came home from studying in the middle of nowhere Connecticut and still didn’t know what I was doing. I knew I wanted to save the world and make a ton of money while doing it. I continued to try to find the balance in the things that I was doing, from my own mental health recovery journey to starting my own business.

I’m still expected to know exactly what I want to do and my plan for the next five years, but I am also expected to take things one day at a time, and go slow in my life journey. I feel like at twenty I am moving too slow compared to the people around me, but I also feel like I am ten steps ahead.

Bella Morais

Bella Morais

I am trying to find the balance of being someone who is carefree and spontaneous and the person who has four different planners. I don’t think that there is anything inherently wrong with either personality, but for me, it is incredibly hard to be both. When people ask the question “so, what are you doing?” I always answer with “not much, I’m really not that busy” and then post on my social media the to do list that is at least twenty tasks long.

What I am realizing about being in your twenties is that you can literally be anyone you want because people are going to judge the decisions you’re making no matter what. Whether you post on your social media as an Influencer or record podcasts or a SoundCloud artist, people are going to have an opinion. Honestly, you shouldn’t let anyone tell you what you’re doing is right or wrong, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about doing the things you’re passionate about. However, I acknowledge my own hypocrisy because I am someone who refuses to finish a single personal project because I am afraid of other’s people’s judgement.

The business that I started helps young entrepreneurs find a balance between doing what they love and making money while doing it. For so long I have wanted to find this balance for myself. Currently, I am balancing on executing some summer events, working on client projects and looking forward to days on the beach that I will spend with my little sister. I aim to find this balance slowly but surely this summer… and I am so excited to explore these work-life experiences with you this summer.


Bella Morais