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Hey book lovers! So I’ll start by saying I read A LOT! I tend to read mostly fiction, but dabble in all genres & most recently have been getting in to reading short story collections. I’m usually not much of “page-turner/light reading” fan & many (most) of my favorite books are emotionally heavy at best and take up more than one therapy session to process at worst! HA! Buuuuuut, I will on occasion pick up a funny read or a YA (Young Adult) novel. In fact, YA is one of my favorite genres. But as anyone who reads YA knows, books written for young adults doesn’t necessarily mean the topics aren’t heavy! I do also like an occasional memoir, usually about a dysfunctional family (like my own) or an interesting person’s life (like Michelle Obama, for instance, whose recent memoir I read in 3 nights!) And I am an avid (but picky!) poetry reader. Last year (2018) I decided to diversify my reading by focusing on reading only books written by Black women. I deviated from the plan very few times and ended up reading 32 books written by Black women, (1) book of poetry written by a Latinx woman, (1) book written by a Black man, (1) written by The Dalai Lama, (1) written by a Japanese man, (1) book of Buddhist talks given by a white woman who is now deceased that was compiled after her death and a compilation of essays written by a variety of Soto Zen women, of whose race & ethnicity I am unsure of. In total I read 38 books, averaging about 3 books a month, zero written by white men. #sorrynotsorry

This year (2019) I did not give myself a specific challenge, but my goal is to keep it diverse and to read as many genres as I can, perhaps reading more sci-fi and romance, the 2 genres I have read the least of in the past.

My 5 star rating system is one I have based off a few bookstagram accounts I follow regularly & then add my own Talia twist. I’ll say this: 5 stars is saved for the best of the best. “Beloved” by Toni Morrison comes to mind, when I’m thinking in terms of what would constitute and deserve such a high rating. So, there’s the bar to meet: Toni Morrison. Good luck is all I can say to any new writers making it to THAT level of beauty and depth as a writer. 4 stars will probably be the highest rating you will see me give. To me, 4 stars is a great book, just not the best of the best. 3 stars is average; I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it. 2 stars is damn near close to hating it, but I finished it because I felt like I had to. And honestly, if I read a book that’s bad enough to receive 1 star, I probably won’t finish it. Not worth my time. There are far too many amazing books in the world to be wasting my time reading 1 stars!

Hope you all enjoy my book reviews and will read along with me!

Signing off to go read now (Obviously!)

Your LIT literary reviewer and bookworm buddy,

<3 Talia

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