EMVY Wellness with Anne Caldwell

EMVY Wellness with Anne Caldwell
An Introduction

Greetings! Welcome to my introduction of EMVY Wellness with Anne; a personal introduction with a little insight as to what I will be sharing in future column articles. You can rely on me to bring you both what’s trending and what’s ‘tried & true’ in health and wellness on Martha’s Vineyard. Along the way we’ll meet some great local folks, who are also passionate about wellness and get some sneak-peeks into some lesser known gems you may want to check out along the way. Everything from the many yoga related offerings we have, favorite holistic healers, healthy food finds, to hiking trails with hidden Geocaches to discover, or where to take a safe bike ride with kids in tow.


Anne Caldwell, Author

Anne Caldwell, Author

My formal background spans diverse areas: art, education, writing and technology, to name a few. In my teens and twenties I was a gym rat, roller blader, softball player, cheerleader (yes- it’s an athletic pursuit) and a major health food junkie. I had always enjoyed grocery shopping, especially once I had some independence and my own fridge to fill. I paid attention to magazines, news and TV reports on the best nutritional and work-out advice of the times. I asked a lot of questions of my friends in the medical fields, both Eastern and Western practitioners, and found a balance of treatments for whatever came my way. I trained with pros at gyms and with martial arts instructors. I also obtained enough injuries (on and off the mats) to have a few amazing physical therapists’ numbers committed to memory! 

Luckily and honestly, I had always leaned towards carrots and apples vs. Doritos (yuck!) and ice cream. Then I met my husband, an amazing professional cook and barkeep, and started to gain those ‘freshmen 15’ that I had eluded during college. Add two kids in my early 30’s and wham… this health stuff actually takes much effort! So I hear you if staying mindful of it can often be described as a love-hate relationship.

During my pregnancy and early mom years, I read A LOT! Thank goodness, because my oldest daughter Samantha arrived with a slew of food allergies that showed up within the first few months. Here I was hell-bent on sleep training her as my top priority to keep myself sane and give Sam the gift of proper sleep habits, but instead I was keeping an all-encompassing journal for over a year to determine which foods she ate (or I ate) that caused her so many issues. I finally had somewhat of a handle on things when little sister Julia arrived and eventually had aversions to a different handful of foods, and, as it turned out, so did I. I went from barely knowing how to prepare anything that wasn’t a salad, pasta or stir-fry, to interpreting food labels for multiple allergens listed by their lesser known names, to making homemade baby food and playing short-order cook for a fussy toddler. I’m just glad gluten-free food has come miles from when it tasted like a concoction of sawdust, sand and salt just over a decade ago.

I’ve spent the last few years deepening my yoga/mindfulness/meditation practices and have been certified to teach children and adults. Sharing my collective knowledge with others has been a true gift. I’ve taken specialized trainings in asanas for autism and special needs populations, and have refocused my attention on the importance of sleep and how to best achieve some good zzz’s. Between reading, online seminars and in person trainings (including a recent Yin Yoga/Nidra cert) I’ve padded my toolbox with many ways to decrease stress and let in more happiness, so it’s my hope that EMVY’s readers will benefit from what I have to share.

My pursuits both professionally and personally have slightly shifted over the last few years. I’m insatiably curious and love learning, and my passion for all things Health & Wellness keeps deepening and broadening. Not just because I’m approaching 50, but because my daughter’s successful fight with brain cancer in 2015 left me with many new views and approaches to life. Yes it’s short and one should live in the present moment, but you still have to play the long game. Self-care means keeping things real. It makes a difference who you choose to spend your precious time with and what mindset you have when talking to yourself in the mirror. So, have that slice of pizza or sugar-rimmed martini, but do so in moderation. Be gentle on yourself- no one is perfect. Balance is the key to living each day enjoying your “now time” while ensuring you have many more tomorrows to look forward to.