Diamond in The Ruff: The Dog Days of Summer

The Dog Days of Summer
by Diamond Araujo

It’s that time of the year when the sun’s getting hotter and the salt air starts to feel like a refreshing blanket on our face. This is why I want to go over a few tips for both you and your pup so you can have a safe and wonderful summer!

Dogs have fur for a reason and their bodies are very capable of acting accordingly due to weather changes. For anyone who has, or is considering shaving down their dog for the summer, please don’t. Shaving down breeds that do not typically get a groom leaves them vulnerable to things such as sunburn, skin cancer and mosquito bites. All unfortunate and uncomfortable side effects!

We all have come across a few creepy crawlers not paying rent in our pet’s fur. Haven’t we? It is very important to protect your fur family against these pests. Lots of pet owners turn to Seresto collars, the leading treatment that lasts for up to 8 months, to keep fleas and ticks in check. Other brands of flea & tick protection also include: Advantix, Frontline and Bayer Advantage.

Clifford Erich Photography: Puppy Gallery

Everybody loves seeing their dog swimming happily in the ocean and enjoying the warm sand, just like we do! In order to stay in the loop on where your pup is allowed to be during all seasons on the Vineyard please check out this website for some great info: https://www.petswelcome.com/vacations/marthas-vineyard/marthas-vineyard-pet-friendly-beaches-and-parks

Dogs have a natural instinct to swim, although they may not always be great at it. Always pay attention to your dog around water, there’s still a risk of drowning! Do NOT leave your dog in a hot car under any circumstances! This is extremely dangerous and could lead to fatalities. Dog’s paws are very heat sensitive and can play a major part in your dog’s overheating during the summer. Try your best to walk your dog on grass or cooler surfaces, as asphalt becomes extremely hot in the sun! Also, be extremely careful having your dog ride in the bed of a truck, the hot metal can burn their paws.

Now you can go ahead and have a fun and safe summer with your pets!

Happy summer of 2019!