Transitions: by Laura Quiros

Transitions and Transformations
by Laura Quiros

It’s officially summer. Schools out, kids are off to camp, summer Fridays are in full effect and flip flops become a way of life. It is a time of transitions. In my younger years I fell into summer without any thought. Pants to shorts, boots to sandals, strict bedtimes to staying up late catching fire flies, ketchup became a staple and lemonade replaced apple juice.

I recently wrote a paper on liminality, defined as a previously fixed and stable condition is uprooted by entering a place of ambiguity and unknowing. In the anthropological literature individuals often do not choose these changes, rather they are socially imposed. Although this season hits us the same time every year, each time it is a little different. Each season we are a little older, maybe with a new child, partner, job or incredibly life changing experience. Maybe with a recent loss, or unforeseen tragedy.

As I get older, I notice myself being more intentional about my actions, behaviors and ways of being. I am more aware of where I put my energy and how I embrace these times of liminality. The Vineyard has always been one of those places for me that helps me not only transition into summer, the Island allows me to exist in my state of liminality.

Liminality continues its relevance in understanding how humans move through transitions and is used widely in contemporary academic and professional scholarship, particularly to examine human experiences that fall outside either-or categories.

My thought in writing this piece was to ask you how do you transition into summer? And where are the places you find comfort in just being, which are ultimately incredibly transformational.

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