Diamond in The Ruff: Microchipping Your Pets

By Diamond Araujo

Did you know that August 15th is National Check the Chip Day?

Working as an Animal Control Officer has really opened my eyes to the importance of microchipping your pets. A lot of rescue shelters will chip their animals before adoption, this is great for owners, although a lot of people don’t know that you need to register the chip online.

Each chip has a unique number that comes up when scanned. This number holds all of the owner’s contact information, but only once it has been registered. Registering the chip is what allows your animal to be traced back to you. Your information comes right up if an officer or vet scans your pet. A non-registered microchip isn’t useful, so please taking the time to get your pet’s chip number and registering it online is very important!

Microchipping is very safe and it is administered like a regular shot or vaccine. It sits right between the shoulder blades of your pet. Microchipping allows an ID for your pet that won’t fall off or become lost, such as tags on a collar.

Microchipping your cats is also a very good idea, simply because most cats don’t have another form of ID, and lots of owners don’t put collars and tags on their cats.

Microchips last the entire life span of your pet, so if you haven’t considered microchipping your pet in the past, I hope you will now!