L'Antonio Resort's 2019 Fashion Show: This Year's Reflection

By Laura Quiros

When you think of Fashion what comes to mind? For us, it is the juxtaposition of colors, music, flashing lights, empowered women, soul, diversity and inclusion. I have learned that the older I get the more I am able to feel my energy and those around me. Similarly, the more I want to create spaces where we, women… and in particular women of color, are empowered to shine and rise in all of our complexities. On August 13th 2019 we created such an event that showcased the L’ Antonio Resort Wear line and brought together a hundred elegant, fashionable and soulful women.

Two years prior India Rose CEO of Hustle and Thrive and I, along with my partner Lloyd Crawford met at the Black Dog for lunch on a rainy March Day. We had an idea that our line would be a great fit for the women on this Island, both who live here year-round and those who vacation here; and find refuge in the summer months. India encouraged us to think broader just as a social worker like myself should do. I joined with her in a vision that involved bringing local artists and models to the table to create an event that was both a chance to build community and build our brand. Two years later we had the Oyster Bar 02557 filled with fashionistas and a community.

Phot Credit: L’Antonio Resort Wear and @Multimediamel

I met many women that day who spoke of the positive energy and the professionalism of our show. The feedback was wonderful. What resonated most for me was the vision that was created on that rainy March day and then see it come alive in the heat of the summer two years later. The literal diversity of the audience was powerful and the models, equally diverse, owned their looks, engaged the audience and exuded an air of confidence and sisterhood that was felt.

It is the business of relationship building that makes events like this possible. Martha’s Vineyard is a special place for many reasons. City folks like me dip in and out, but I know that each time I leave, I leave a part of myself there. It is on Martha’s Vineyard that I am able to reconnect with my soul and recharge.

Lloyd and I look forward to bringing more of NYC Fashion life and L’ Antonio to the Island and we hope you will join us.