Sincerely Yours: Summer Fashion w/ Curves

Sincerely Yours: Fashion and Styling with Sinceré Armani
Summer Fashion w/ Curves

Hey Fashionistas!

I hope everyone had a safe and phenomenal Fourth of July. Now that the summer has officially begun lets have some fun in style!

I would like to discuss plus size fashion and offer brands that have different styling options and sizes ranging from 10-30. As you are aware, I’m a fashion stylist, and some of my clients are beautiful plus size women that often express to me that they have a hard time finding clothing that not only fits their body type in all the right places, but pieces that are also fashionable at the same time.

So I would love to share with you all a few great shopping options that may be suitable for your body type and may also translate as fashionable pieces for all summer occasions. One of the Brands that I took a liking to is called “JXB” by Janie Bryant. This brand provides items for the office that are chic and stylish, as well as staple pieces like denim that you can wear causally when outside of the office.

Another brand that I find meets the same stylish standards is called “Soncy”. They have items that are great for the workplace, but also perfect for a lunch with your friends or just great casual wear on a summer day around town. Here are two fun dresses from Soncy. These two dresses have many purposes. You can wear them to the next picnic, while dropping the kids off to camp, running errands with a pair of sneakers or dress them up at night to have a drink with friends!

Here are some other great interchangeable looks from other brands. (click images for brand sites)

Also Ladies, if you are looking for swimwear that is chic and fashionable but still sexy, take a look at for your high-waisted two pieces and sexy stylish one pieces such as this one.

I hope this was helpful in leading you in a more stylish plus size direction! I can’t wait to see some of the shopping you do from these sites. Send in some pictures so we can see them and maybe we will highlight you in our next fashion article!

Happy shopping Fashionistas!

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